LANSING — As far as the Republican race for governor is concerned, it was yet another largely uneventful week as “online host” Tudor Dixon jumped into the primary ring yesterday. She’s clearly not running to actually represent Michigan families. She completely sidestepped local press and went to Fox News to make her announcement. She’ll also be on Fox and Friends tomorrow morning. 

Yesterday, MDP walked through Dixon’s string of fringe bonafides she’ll use to move this race to the right, but the Governor Whitmer cartel collusion conspiracy theory is worth repeating. 

Speaking at a Trump rally earlier this month, Dixon leaned completely into the absurd with this 100% real, direct quote: “…The organization that Gretchen Whitmer has decided to represent is the cartels because she’s decided to bring children, who didn’t by choice come to this country into Michigan. She’s decided to bring those children that are used and abused that are brought across our border illegally to Michigan. And in doing so she supports the cartels. […] Gretchen Whitmer supports the abuse of children at our southern border, because she’s bringing them here. So she says go ahead, go ahead Joe Biden, go ahead.”

Somehow, that’s not the craziest thing to come from a Michigan Republican this week. Meshawn Maddock gave a masterclass on how easy it apparently is to embrace treason by claiming that conditions in Michigan are so “tyrannical” that secession is the only logical solution left on the table, landing her in national headlines.

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader and militia kidnapper apologist Mike Shirkey continues to spread disinformation about COVID-19, namely that those who have previously contracted the virus don’t need to get vaccinated. He’s already been fact-checked on this, but continues to press on with the lies that now include a complaint that those who have no medical reason to refuse the one thing that will end this pandemic are the subject of “continued coercion…and discrimination.” To be clear: anyone 12 and up can get vaccinated in Michigan and are strongly encouraged to do so.

As far as potential GOP gubernatorial candidates go, nickel thief and two-time statewide loser John James remains MIA. And the only thing that landed dodgy James Craig in the news this week was him throwing his own officers under the bus. Craig conceded on 60 Minutes that a detective in the police department he still runs in Detroit for one more week was responsible for the “sloppy, sloppy investigative work” that led to the false arrest of a Black man last year.

So ends another week of the Michigan Republican #MIgov watch. Until next week!

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