Michigan Dems pass overwhelmingly popular bills to keep guns away from domestic abusers

LANSING — Today, Michigan Dems in the House passed an indispensable bill package that would prevent anyone with a domestic violence-related misdemeanor from owning or buying a gun for 8 years after their sentence. 

MAGA Matt Hall and much of his Republican Caucus voted against this crucial legislation despite overwhelming support for it from Michiganders. The MIGOP has clearly decided to abandon some of our most vulnerable Michiganders and put them in harm’s way. 

“Michigan Democrats are dedicated to making a safer Michigan by keeping firearms away from domestic abusers,” said Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Lavora Barnes. “Even when almost every Republican, including MAGA Matt Hall, voted against these crucial protections, our House Democrats got the job done to protect Michiganders from harm. Democrats and Republicans have made it more than clear where each party stands on this important issue to keep Michiganders safe.” 

Over half of all intimate partner homicides use a gun; this package, which now heads to the Governor’s desk, closes that loophole to keep thousands of individuals safe by banning the ownership or purchase of guns by convicted abusers. This common-sense reform was developed with collaboration from domestic violence groups and law enforcement and will save countless lives from the epidemic of gun violence. Michigan Democrats are committed to the safety and well-being of all Michiganders, and this is just one more way that Democrats are delivering a safer, brighter future in Michigan. 


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