LANSING — Today, Governor Whitmer signed the Michigan Family Protection Act into law. This surrogacy and IVF protection package will help make Michigan a nationwide model for defending personal freedom in the face of ongoing national attacks from Republicans and their MAGA allies.

“With her signature, Governor Whitmer is cementing surrogacy and IVF protections in Michigan to safeguard them from MAGA extremists’ constant attacks,” said Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Lavora Barnes. “Michigan is now a national leader in defending fertility care, and we are so thankful to Democrats like Rep. Samantha Steckloff who have fearlessly championed this package.

“The MAGA GOP has made it clear that they will stop at nothing to strip Michiganders of their fundamental freedoms. This isn’t an accident — this is the Republican playbook: ignore their constituents and push a dangerous far-right agenda attacking reproductive care by any means necessary. Michigan voters overwhelmingly supported reproductive freedom at the ballot in 2022, and Democrats won’t stop fighting to protect personal freedoms, no matter what dangerous anti-abortion agenda the MIGOP tries.”


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