President Biden’s visit to Michigan underscores the clear contrast on who is really delivering for workers

LANSING – Today, President Biden visited UAW autoworkers in Michigan and not only demonstrated his pro-worker, pro-union agenda, but underscored the stark contrast with Trump’s long record of anti-labor policies that abandoned workers here in Michigan at every turn. 

It is simple, President Biden is on the side of the worker compared to President Trump who is on the side of corporations and billionaires. Trump was one of the most anti-worker presidents in history, and his policies hurt autoworkers, shipped jobs overseas, and lined the pockets of the super-wealthy and big corporations at the expense of the middle class.

“Today, President Biden, the most pro-union, pro-worker president in history, is in Michigan showing up once again for the Michigan worker. Throughout his entire presidency, President Biden has delivered for Michigan workers – bringing jobs and manufacturing back to our state and ensuring that we are growing the middle class while leading in the global economy,” said Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Lavora Barnes. “Trump, on the other hand, will say anything to try to rewrite his record of abandoning Michigan workers and creating incentives to ship jobs overseas, because he is part of the billionaire class and sees the world from Park Avenue instead of an assembly plant floor.”

Trump’s record of failing autoworkers and Michigan families couldn’t be more clear:

  • When General Motors moved to close its Warren plant, Trump didn’t bat an eye at the broken promise he made in 2016 when he said that Michiganders “won’t lose one plant” under a Trump presidency. He turned his back on the middle class and left countless working families to struggle to find their next check – just like he has always done.
  • Trump said of the 2008 government bailout of auto companies, “You could have let it go bankrupt,” and went on to suggest moving car production out of Michigan. A decision which would have destroyed Detroit and led to countless job losses in the auto industry.
  • The Trump tax scam gifted billions to the wealthy and corporations and created new incentives for companies to ship American jobs overseas – including auto manufacturing jobs.
  • Trump lied to Michigan autoworkers, claiming he would bring back their jobs, but even pre-pandemic, our state lost auto jobs under Trump.

Meanwhile, President Biden has proven to be the most pro-union, pro-worker president in history:

  • Biden made history by joining striking UAW workers in Michigan on the picket line in solidarity – proving the importance of having a labor ally in the White House.
  • The Biden administration has delivered a historic manufacturing boom, bringing jobs and manufacturing back to America.
  • Biden helped save the auto industry in 2008 as vice president and revitalized Detroit, helping get our state back on its feet so that we can do what we do best, innovate and build.


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