When the internet started up in the 1990s the folks who had access to it were few and far between. It’s now 2022, and internet access has become a requirement for small businesses to reach new customers, students to do their homework, families to pay their bills and plug into work, and for everyone to stay connected—yet access is still few and far between for many in the Great Lakes State. 

Unfortunately, when given the opportunity to improve access to affordable, high-speed internet, Republicans like Reps. Jack Bergman (MI-01), Peter Meijer (MI-03), and John Moolenar (MI-04) voted against President Biden’s plan to bring affordable broadband to every community—despite all representing large areas of Michigan that include underserved rural areas.

When the Michigan GOP voted against the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, they voted against more than $100 million in federal funding that would benefit families and businesses in every Michigan zip code. Thankfully, Michigan Democrats championed President Biden’s infrastructure plan and delivered critical funding that will help Governor Whitmer bring the state into the 21st century.

“After campaigning for years on bringing broadband internet access to their communities, Michigan Republicans broke their promises to voters by opposing President Biden’s plan delivering millions in federal funding to Michiganders to expand access to broadband internet,” said MDP Spokesperson Alyssa Bradley. “Folks from West Michigan to the U.P. pleaded for their representatives to deliver affordable, high-speed internet to their communities — and Meijer, Bergman, and Moolenar said no. That’s a dereliction of duty voters will not forget this November.”

When the GOP opposed President Biden’s infrastructure plan, they voted to leave their communities behind — voting against broadband, road and bridge upgrades, and good-paying jobs. While they claim to be the party supporting small businesses and families, the proof that they tried to keep Michigan in the past is in their voting record.

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