LANSING — According to new reporting from MLive, failed congressional candidate and apparent member of James Craig’s shadow campaign Lena Epstein answers more about the next steps of the unofficial gubernatorial candidate than he does:

“[Craig] will lay out a very specific plan to election integrity, keeping the borders safe and how we’re going to grow our economy…” Epstein said to MLive at yesterday’s Jackson County Republican Party event where Craig delivered his dress rehearsal speech.

When it comes to “election integrity” in particular, this comment marks the first time anyone in Craig’s camp has even acknowledged the topic exists, as Craig himself has dodged questions about the Big Lie for months now. Epstein’s comment is further proof that the party insiders and consultants running this proxy campaign are more in the loop than Craig himself. 

In response to this preview of what Craig plans to prioritize in his long-teased gubernatorial campaign, MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite released the following statement:

“For someone who simply ‘attended the event,’ Lena Epstein certainly seems to talk more about Craig’s plan than the candidate himself. This raises multiple questions, the main ones being if Epstein is a paid spokesperson for Craig and whether her comment means Craig intends to meet his potential extremist opponents on their turf by also leaning fully into the Big Lie. This is what happens when you consistently dodge opportunities to establish where you stand with Michiganders. Folks start filling in the blanks for you. Epstein’s comment makes it clear that at least one of the several party insiders handling Craig knows that his silence is deafening. James Craig is running out of time to answer if he supports the Big Lie and the several anti-voter bills that would limit Michiganders freedom to vote.”

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