Today, a new Navigator poll shows that President Biden’s agenda continues to be wildly popular among voters. As the Child Tax Credit hits millions of families’ bank accounts and Democrats continue to rebuild our economy, voters recognize who is truly fighting for hardworking families.

Navigator“Americans Broadly Support The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework and Expanded Child Tax Credit”

  • “The child tax credit is widely supported and even more so when highlighting the share of households that are eligible.”
  • “The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework has broad support across race and party. 66 percent of Americans support ‘President Biden and a bipartisan group of Senators passing a new infrastructure plan to improve roads and bridges, expand power infrastructure, increase passenger and rail access, expand broadband access, and improve water infrastructure,’ including 86 percent of Democrats, 59 percent of Independents, and nearly half of Republicans (46 percent).”
  • “There are positive signs for Democrats as President Biden continues to maintain a net-positive approval rating for his handling of the economy. President Biden maintains a net +5 positive approval rating on his handling of the economy.”


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