Craig Repeated Carjacking Story in a 2013 Television Interview, Saying He Got “Out of Harm’s Way”

LANSING — The Detroit Free Press revisited an incident that took place while James Craig was chief of Detroit police department in which he fled from the scene of a suspected carjacking. Knowing his actions were directly at odds with the “lead from the front” theme that defines his campaign, Craig is now changing his story and claiming that he actually “wasn’t looking to drive away and get to safety.”

But at the time, Craig repeatedly said he was looking to get “out of harm’s way” when he sped off. After he told the story at a workshop, he repeated that he fled from the scene in a 2013 television interview. 


Reporter: If you need proof that anyone can be the victim of crime just ask Detroit Police Chief James Craig. Recently he was almost car jacked.

James Craig: Individual jumped out of his car while I was stopped at the light, approached my driver’s side. And I recognized what it was, and got out of harm’s way. 

Reporter: He was not in his personal car. The chief was in an unmarked police car, It happened about 8:30 at night on Jefferson Avenue a few weeks ago. Craig put his foot on the gas and took off. The person responsible is still out there. 

James Craig: It was unfortunate that we couldn’t, you know identify the car later. But it was a situation that worked out. 

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“James Craig said it himself repeatedly – he fled the scene of a potential crime instead of taking action as Detroit’s top law enforcement official. No matter how hard he tries to change his story now, no ‘evasive tactic’ can help him run from the fact that he abandoned his oath to serve and protect Detroiters, and Michiganders deserve better.

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