LANSING — A new report from Business Insider has raised questions about Mike Rogers abandoning Michigan, walking straight through the revolving door to make millions from cushy corporate gigs, and buying “a more than $1.5 million” mansion in Florida.

Rogers is a clear example of a lawmaker who saw an “explosion of immense wealth” after “pass[ing] through the ‘revolving door,’ advising companies on issues he dealt with in Congress.” 

Rogers “has multiplied his wealth since he left Congress” with “assets totaling as high as $17.5 million.” Since January 2022 alone, Rogers has made nearly $2 million shilling for big corporations. This includes a company that recently went bankrupt, a Spanish telecommunications company, and Nokia “despite little public information existing about his affiliation with the Finnish tech company.” 

Three questions Mike Rogers must answer:

  • Why did you immediately abandon Michigan after you left Congress?
  • You are refusing to disclose the details of your financial relationship with some of these big corporations – what are you hiding?
  • How can Michiganders trust you after you abandoned them to put the interests of big corporations first?


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