We found something for Kevin McCarthy and the House Republicans’ new China Select Committee to investigate: Why House Republican leadership whipped their caucus to side with the Chinese Communist Party over bringing manufacturing jobs home.

That’s right. Kevin McCarthy led 187 House Republicans to oppose the CHIPS and Science Act — legislation that will help lower costs and bring manufacturing jobs back to America.

The Hill: “House Republican leadership [urged] members of its conference to vote against a bill to bolster the domestic chip manufacturing industry and fund scientific research, a reversal from its position earlier in the day that comes hours after Senate Democrats struck a deal on a multibillion-dollar reconciliation package.”

CNBC: “Republican leaders urged Congress to vote against the Chips and Science Act after Senate Democrats Chuck Schumer and Joe Manchin revealed that they have struck a deal on a sweeping reconciliation bill.”

CNBC: “When the CHIPS Act became law, it spurred a wave of investment announcements by semiconductor companies, including Micron, which at the time pledged $40 billion through 2030 for U.S. chip manufacturing, saying it would create up to 40,000 domestic jobs. Qualcomm also committed to buying an additional $4.2 billion worth of chips from GlobalFoundries’ plant in New York. Intel had said its plans to invest up to $100 billion in chip manufacturing in Ohio relied heavily on the federal legislation.”

In voting against the CHIPS Act, Republicans also voted against strengthening our supply chains and reducing our dependence on China. Congressional Republicans’ opposition to the CHIPS and Science Act made it crystal clear that they are willing to side with China and Big Pharma over the American people. 

NBC News: “[The CHIPS Act] is no small feat… it would authorize tens of billions more for science programs and regional technology hubs to keep the U.S. competitive with its rivals.”

Washington Post: “[The CHIPS Act] would provide $52 billion in subsidies to domestic semiconductor manufacturers… in a bid to strengthen the United States’ competitiveness and self-reliance in what is seen as a keystone industry for economic and national security.”

Time and again House Republicans have shown they are more than willing to sacrifice American jobs for a cheap political stunt. Kevin McCarthy isn’t fooling anyone, and he cannot message his way out of this.

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