Politico published a story today detailing how Republicans are so committed to pushing spending cuts, including to programs like Social Security and Medicare, that they’re willing to risk running the economy into the ground and jeopardizing the financial stability of the country.

They’ve said it loud and clear: Republicans are on a mission to use our country’s fiscal stability as “leverage” to push cuts to crucial programs that the American people rely on.

Politico: “Some conservatives are already hellbent on using the debt limit and government funding to extract major concessions from Democrats, such as restoring federal spending caps or overhauling Social Security and Medicare.”

And they’ve been planning this for months. In June, the Republican Study Committee — the largest caucus of House Republicans — published a full plan reiterating the GOP’s commitment to gutting Social Security and Medicare.

Politico: “[The Republican Study Committee] released a budget plan in June that proposes making Trump-era individual tax cuts permanent and gradually raising the eligibility age for Social Security and Medicare, among other major changes.”

More and more GOP leaders are jumping on board with the callous plans. 

Politico: “Rep. Jason Smith of Missouri, the top Republican on the Budget Committee who’s vying for the senior slot on Ways and Means next year, said in a statement that he’d support seeking financial concessions as part of a debt limit deal.”

It’s all in full view: Republicans are on a warpath to gut Social Security and Medicare by any means necessary — even if it means putting America’s fiscal future at risk.

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