As millions of Americans filed their taxes yesterday, Senator Ron Johnson spent his Tax Day proudly defending the 2017 Trump tax giveaways that gifted millions to the biggest corporations, wealthiest Americans, and Ron Johnson himself while leaving working families high and dry. This should come as no surprise as Republicans around the country continue to champion their disastrous 2017 tax bill, and, led by Senator Rick Scott, call for raising taxes on more than half of the American people. 

Ron Johnson spent Tax Day defending the Trump tax cuts that benefitted himself and his wealthy donors over working families after previously claiming the Republican plan to raise taxes on half of Americans was a positive thing.  

WKOW: “On tax day, Sen. Johnson defends tax cut that benefitted himself, top donors”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Ron Johnson says his Oshkosh firm and many others benefited from 2017 business tax cut he championed”

UpNorth News: “Ron Johnson says GOP plan to raise taxes, eliminate social security ‘a positive thing’”

Ron Johnson isn’t the only one – Republicans are joining him in openly cheering on tax cuts for the wealthy while claiming the middle class doesn’t pay enough in taxes and applauding Senator Rick Scott’s plan that could raise taxes on the majority of the American people. 

Senator Pat Toomey: “[Democrats] haven’t been able to pass their tax agenda yet…Thank god for the [Trump] tax reform. If we hadn’t done that, where would be right now?”

Associated Press: “Ohio GOP Senate hopeful: Middle class doesn’t pay fair share”

Daily Beast: “At least four GOP candidates in the most important battleground states this fall have either explicitly expressed support for Scott’s plan or have campaigned on the political views that form the foundation of his platform.”

New York Times: “The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center estimated that ensuring all households pay at least $100 in income taxes would leave families making about $54,000 or less with more than 80 percent of the tax increase. Those making less than about $100,000 would shoulder 97 percent of the cost.”


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