After a disastrous, 15-round speaker vote that consumed the entirety of their first week in Congress, the new MAGA House majority is already drawing up its agenda for Week 2 — and it shows exactly where their priorities lie: Pursuing an extreme and wildly unpopular agenda at the expense of the American people.

What does the new MAGA majority have in store for 2023? New legislation to protect ultra-wealthy tax cheats from paying their fair share. Let’s not forget: Working people pay 99% of the taxes they owe, but the top 1% hides more than 20% of their income from the IRS each year.

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities“House GOP’s First Bill: A Misleading Gambit to Protect Interests of Wealthy Tax Cheats”

Salon: “‘Very first bill’: McCarthy pledges repeal of IRS funding meant to target wealthy tax cheats”

Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget: “IRS Funding Repeal Could Cost Over $100 Billion, Encourage Tax Cheating”

And in their own words — the new MAGA majority’s top priority this Congress is to force spending cuts to key programs like Social Security and Medicare.

MAGA Congressman Michael Waltz: “I agree with Jim Jordan that we are going to carve out woke policies out of the military… [but] if we really want to talk about the debt and spending, it’s the entitlements program.” 

Remember: Last week, Kevin McCarthy reportedly made a major concession in exchange for the speaker’s gavel that would make it easier for extreme MAGA Republicans to extract cuts to key programs like Social Security and Medicare by threatening to crash the economy.

Robert Jameson, Bloomberg Business: “Kevin McCarthy’s deal with ultraconservative Republicans to get their votes in the speaker election includes provisions that increase the possibility of a market-rattling showdown over the US debt ceiling.”

New York Times: “Mr. McCarthy appeared to agree to those demands, pledging to allow open debate on spending bills and to not raise the debt limit without major cuts — including efforts to reduce spending on so-called mandatory programs, which include Social Security and Medicare — in a deal that brought many holdouts, including Mr. Norman, into his camp.”

Edward-Isaac Dovere, CNN: “Now imagine how this all looks when it’s a vote over raising the debt ceiling and there will be talk of the global economy hinging on it.”

Punchbowl News“Buckle up, folks. We’re already fighting over the debt ceiling.”

As a part of his bargain to become speaker, Kevin McCarthy also agreed to effectively gut the Office of Congressional ethics, helping shield the likes of George Santos, who repeatedly lied about his resume during his campaign.

Eric Cortellessa: “In his bid to become speaker, Kevin McCarthy moves to effectively gut the Office of Congressional Ethics, the independent panel that was gearing to investigate members of Congress who played a role on Jan. 6.”

TIME: “The [Office of Congressional Ethics] was also expected to investigate George Santos, the Republican Congressman-elect from New York who appears to have fabricated large swaths of his biography, including his employment history, his educational credentials, and even the circumstances of his mother’s death.”

And MAGA Republicans are following through on their extreme campaign promise to ban abortion nationally by introducing THREE anti-choice bills this Congress.

Punchbowl News: “… Three of the first 12 bills that the House will vote on are designed to tighten abortion restrictions.”

This is where the GOP’s priorities lie: coming after key programs like Social Security and Medicare, protecting ultra-wealthy tax cheats, and passing the George Santos protection package. The American people do not want this extreme agenda.

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