Yesterday, President Biden delivered on his promise to forge consensus and make government work for working people again by announcing the historic Build Back Better Framework. This framework is focused on fulfilling Joe Biden’s campaign promise to strengthen the middle class, and would do so much to improve the lives of Americans across the country. That’s why so many stakeholders continue to praise this framework.

Here’s what groups who have long been advocating for programs like these are saying about President Biden’s historic investment in climate, workers, child care, health care, the middle class, and so much more: 

AFSCME: “AFSCME’s Saunders: Build Back Better deal marks ‘sea change moment’ that will prioritize the needs of working families”

Protect Our Care: “Today’s announcement shows President Biden and Democrats in Congress are working to deliver on a future where health care is a right, not a privilege.”

MoveOn: “The framework includes so much of what MoveOn members and progressives have supported for decades. It includes historic investments for the care our children and elders need, the biggest investments in history to tackle the climate crisis and advance a more equitable, clean energy economy, along with critical reductions to healthcare and childcare costs.”


National Women’s Law Center: “This framework brings our country closer to a more fair and just economy for workers and families.”

American Association of People with Disabilities: “We can acknowledge the work that remains ahead while also pausing to celebrate our successes. Today, AAPD is celebrating the funding for HCBS, affordable health care expansion, climate and universal pre-k provisions of the #BuildBackBetter agreement. These are huge wins.”

Little Lobbyists: “The inclusion $150B for home & community based services is an historic investment that will improve the lives of disabled people & caregivers. We look forward to continuing the work to #BuildBackBetter to create the future all our families deserve.”

Family Equality: “National LGBTQI+ Organizations Call on Congress to Pass Robust Build Back Better Legislation”

National Domestic Workers Alliance: “Build Back Better Reconciliation Framework Represents Historic Progress for Home Care Workers, Women of Color, Aging Adults, and People With Disabilities”

The Century Foundation: “This will be the most transformative investment in children and early education in generations.”


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