While Dems enact legislation on health care, voting rights, and education, the Michigan GOP continues to fall into chaos 

LANSING — This week’s legislative successes highlighted the Democratic focus on building a better Michigan, while the Republicans were in a whirlwind of their own mayhem. After last week’s (literal) infighting, this week saw recall attempts (even against their own members), criminal charges, and an empty war chest. So let’s breakdown what happened this week through the news:

Republicans were charged with felonies for their 2020 Fake Elector Scheme:

Meanwhile, they got nowhere an their toothless recall attempts:

  • CBS Detroit: Six Michigan state representatives face recall petitions
    “This unfounded effort to recall our representatives has no teeth. These representatives are fighting for their communities and representing the needs of their constituents. This is another attempt by extremists to distract from their radical agenda as they continue to vote against legislation that grows the middle class. Make no mistake, we will fight these recalls at every turn.”- Lavora Barnes, Michigan Democratic Party Chair

No wonder Michigan Republicans are struggling financially:

Dems, on the other hand had a whirlwind of delivering for Michiganders, whether it was Voting Rights Expansion:

Signing a landmark education budget:

Or building on the Healthy Michigan Plan to lower costs and increase health care access:


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