LANSING — With one full week left to go until August is over, here’s where things stand for the nine Republicans battling it out in the gubernatorial primary:

Make that 10! This morning, Michigan State Police Captain Mike Brown joined the race, making him the tenth candidate and second officer in the race. Maybe this will spur James Craig to actually engage with the state he’s supposedly running to lead as Brown will also take up the police mantle in this crowded primary field.

Speaking of, Craig put together an influential list of folks that will shed some light on where his priorities lie as he runs for statewide office. No, we’re not talking about his Law Enforcement Action Team. We’re pleased to report that Craig is finally following more than just Tucker Carlson, who was granted the “I gotta tell you, I’m running” exclusive on his show last month. This week, the follower count grew to five with the additions of Paul Egan at Detroit Free Press, Gongwer’s Zach Gorchow, AP’s David Eggert, and Jonathan Oosting at Bridge Michigan. Remember James, following them is not an adequate stand-in for actually talking to them.

Lastly, the Michigan “RINO hunt” continues as scheduled. This week, yet another local Republican chapter voted to censure Sens. Ed McBroom, Lana Theis, and John Bizon for their traitorous role in calling balls and strikes on the fraud-free 2020 general election. Like Macomb County last week, Oakland County Republicans approved the measure in short order, with some absolutely contradictory logic courtesy of chair Rocky Raczkowski. “We support the freedom of speech of any Republican, Democrat and independent,” Raczkowski said. “And that’s what this is about. […] We will always go against the cancel culture.” Make it make sense.

These moves by the grassroots only adds further pressure to the Republican candidates that have refused to take a position on relitigating the 2020 election, namely James Craig. Macomb and Oakland censure him as well? We’ve got 11 months to find out.

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