LANSING — Here’s how the Republican race for governor is shaping up as summer turns to fall:

We’re still waiting for any of the 10 candidates running to address the extreme and invasive abortion bill that is not only now codified law in Texas but also inspiring copycat legislation to begin making its way through statehouses across the country after the U.S. Supreme Court allowed the law to stand and functionally overturned Roe v. Wade.

And fresh off the most disastrous press conference of this primary thus far in which he once again shut out Michigan reporters, James Craig quadruple-downed on his preference for puff pieces with friendly national outlets and special interest publications. He’s the cover star for September’s issue of the NRA’s magazine.

He was also featured in an Washington Post op-ed this week, but that wasn’t quite as sunny. Craig was noted for “declin[ing] to say whether he believes the 2020 presidential election was stolen.” The piece also ended with this sobering note that will no doubt be the thesis of the Craig campaign, despite the best efforts of the political insiders that are propping it up:

“He may soon learn, though, that where he stands on Trump-related matters is what will define him within the party. It’s a challenge that Republican politicians with a lot more experience than the former police chief have found impossible to avoid.”

To that end, and as he gets ready to “officially” join a race he’s already officially in, MDP has launched the Detroit Dodger campaign that will be reminding Michiganders of all the things he’s refused to address over the several months he’s been the main character of this gubernatorial primary. 

What he has addressed though is that there’s no low he won’t stoop to in order to keep his campaign funded. Over the past weekend he joined the MIGOP in callously using the end of the War in Afghanistan to earn clicks and dollars

Meanwhile, it appears we’ve touched a nerve with gubernatorial candidate and anti-vaxx extremist Garrett Soldano who is, by his own admission, just a few more disinformation posts away from getting himself banned from YouTube. 

He got a hold of one of our recent releases where we shared how he and fellow candidate insurrectionist Ryan Kelley continue to use TikTok to spread nonsensical COVID-19 trutherisms and read it during one of his Facebook Live streams. We’re just happy to have his attention in the hopes it’ll get him and the masses of extremists he encourages to see reason and get vaccinated before the horse paste kicks in.  

Speaking of, please make good choices during this long weekend ahead of us and resist the urge to raid your local pet pharmacy. Do not listen to Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey who is absolutely “not qualified to determine the veracity” of ivermectin (it is confirmed not safe), which he’s pushing now. We’re barely qualified to determine how toxic and irresponsible that tweet was. 

Just get vaccinated! It’s easier, we promise.

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