Republicans deny their recorded voting history, Michigan Dems highlight candidate contrast

LANSING — This week, Michigan Democrats and the MIGOP really showed their true colors. Michigan Dems opened a field office in Madison Heights to expand the campaign and promoted Biden’s historic investments across Michigan ahead of the State of the Union. 

Meanwhile, the MIGOP continued to push an anti-abortion agenda that Michiganders have made clear they have no interest in, and their once fearless leader Kristina Karamo is still refusing to give up her fight to be chair of the party. In the MIGOP Senate race, Republicans like Mike Rogers tried to deny their history of voting against IVF, but you can always count on Michigan Dems to make sure no one forgot exactly where these Republicans stood. 

Their chaos and extremism were on full display this week, but we expected nothing less from the MIGOP than a complete mess and zero effort to actually serve Michiganders. 

Read more below to see how each party spent their time this week:

On Saturday in Madison Heights, Michigan Dems and the Biden campaign opened the first One Campaign office in Michigan to expand voter contact and spread the word on all the work President Biden is doing for Michigan. This launch was the first of dozens of office openings across the state in the coming weeks, as Michigan Dems, Biden for President, and our local partners do the vital work of reminding Michiganders what’s at stake and how we have delivered: 


Despite Michiganders overwhelmingly supporting abortion access, five members of the MIGOP signed onto a brief in the US Supreme Court Case FDA v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine seeking to ban access to mifepristone, a pill used in medication abortions. Michigan Republican Reps. Jack Bergman, Bill Huizenga, Lisa McClain, John Moolenaar, and Tim Walberg signed on to double down on a radical anti-woman agenda that would bring them one step closer to stripping women of their right to bodily autonomy: 

The Gander: Michigan Republicans ask Supreme Court to restrict medication abortion access

  • Nearly 150 Republican lawmakers, including five US representatives from the state of Michigan, filed a brief with the US Supreme Court last week urging it to significantly restrict access to the nation’s most commonly prescribed form of abortion medication…
  • The recent legal filing asks the nation’s top court to restrict access to mifepristone—one of two drugs used in more than half of abortions nationwide—by prohibiting it from being used after seven weeks of pregnancy, being sent through the mail, or being prescribed via telemedicine.

Similarly, Mike Rogers tried to hide from the consequences of his own anti-abortion actions, as Michigan Advance reports that Rogers sponsored several bills that would have the same impacts on IVF as the recent atrocious Alabama Supreme Court decision. He then refused to answer any questions about how he would handle bills on IVF in the Senate, but why would his constituents want to know how he’ll act if they vote for him? Maybe Florida was a better fit for Rogers: 

Michigan Advance: ‘Republicans have put the rights of a fertilized egg over the rights of the woman’ 

  • “In his 14 years in Congress Mike Rogers sponsored 4 bills that would have the same effect as the Alabama Supreme Court’s IVF ruling,” stated the note, which then linked to each of those four bills from 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2013, each of which would provide legal personhood from the moment of conception.
  • “Mike Rogers and Peter Meijer support dangerous anti-IVF legislation that would rip away Michiganders’ freedom to make personal decisions. Rogers’ and Meijer’s extensive anti-choice records show that they are out-of-step with Michiganders,” said Sam Chan, Michigan Democratic Party spokesperson.

Then, last night, President Biden’s State of the Union address demonstrated the stark contrast between his bright vision for the future of our country and the MAGA extremism that Trump would relentlessly pursue. Biden touched on the issues that matter most to Michiganders — reproductive freedom, education, building a fairer economy, and supporting the middle class. Michigan Democratic leaders joined the President and highlighted even more ways that Biden has impacted Michiganders: 

Oh, and by the way, Kristina Karamo is STILL at it. Here’s a quick update on the MIGOP chair battle. After the RNC, Donald Trump, the MIGOP itself, and a judge agreed that Pete Hoekstra is the rightful chair of the MIGOP, Kristina Karamo made the very compelling point: “He is illegitimate. I don’t have to call him chair…I just can’t call myself chair.” 

Now, Karamo is appealing the decision to try and return to her throne. This is a good time to remind everyone that this chaos is exactly who the MIGOP is, with or without Karamo: 

WWMT: Exclusive: Ousted MIGOP chairwoman appeals court-ordered removal

  • Former Michigan Republican Party chairwoman Kristina Karamo, who was voted out in January, has filed an appeal of a judge’s Feb. 27 ruling that her removal from office was legitimate…
  • However, Karamo is not giving up her fight to be restored as leader of the state’s Republican party, and is refusing to accept Hoekstra as chairman. “He is illegitimate,” said Karamo. “I don’t have to call him chair.. I just can’t call myself chair.”

It’s another week of the MIGOP being as chaotic as ever – while Dems managed to hold them accountable and deliver for Michiganders. Til next week. 

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