Here’s what happened this week in the Republican primary for governor:

After countless accusations all summer of MIGOP political insiders putting their thumbs on the scale for James Craig, the party unabashedly added another proof point to the evidence board. Even though all candidates that showed up to Mackinac Island were granted a speaking slot during the Republican conference held there two weekends ago, Craig’s is the only one that made MIGOP’s YouTube page. Call us naive but from where we’re standing it seems that they’d like viewers that couldn’t make it to conclude he was the only one that was there or had anything notable to say.

Garrett Soldano won’t be taking this broad daylight rigging sitting down. This week, he took to Facebook to refer to Craig as “the establishment’s handpicked RINO.” Or at least we think he was talking about him. Soldano still refuses to call him out by name, but we were hard pressed to come up with anyone else that “continues to get free coverage on Fox News.” It’s tough out there.

And we know we’ve talked a lot about the total lack of policy and thought-through solutions for Michigan’s biggest issues despite there being a dozen Republicans vying for the nomination, but both Soldano and Ryan Kelley gave us what can only be described as…something in that category this week.

Soldano offered eloquent analysis on the $70 billion budget signed by Governor Whitmer that keeps Michigan fully funded through the next fiscal year, $229M of which is slated for crucial infrastructure repair and replacement: “Garbage, right? We know it is. Just look at it.”

However it was Kelley who took the cake with his bold pledge during his Newaygo County grassroots dinner party remarks to “happily and enthusiastically as governor, sign an executive order that eliminates the Department of Education.” This is what happens when the only three Rs you know are reading, writing, and insurrection. 

Speaking of demonstrations meant to prop up baseless conspiracy theories that are apparently easier to swallow than the truth, the crusade to undermine our electoral process claimed another victim this week. Wayne County ousted Republican and then-member of its Board of Canvassers Monica Palmer. Her crime? Doing her job by certifying the county’s 2020 results. The RINO hunt is alive and well.

Not to be outdone, Macomb County clerk Anthony Forlini announced this week that he’ll be conducting a “‘forensic audit’ of the Macomb County election server,” according to MLive reporter Samuel J. Robinson.

Of course, both of these developments are simply warm-up acts for the big election conspiracy rally taking place next week. Hours ago, a “Big Michigan Rally” was announced for the 12th in Lansing featuring the whole fake election fraud cast of characters who will be demanding a recount of the “2020 Presidential Election Scam.” This all but assures the rift between the grassroots and MIGOP party insiders only grows wider.

Have a good long weekend, especially to Ron Weiser and Meshawn Maddock who need it.

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