LANSING — It might be December, but this “doozy” of a race is only heating up as Michigan GOP Senate candidates continue to “clash” and take shots at each other. As the “caustic” and “aggressive” primary grows, candidates aren’t holding back.

  • Mike Rogers whacked Peter Meijer, James Craig, and Sandy Pensler, saying they’re running “for all the wrong reasons” and compared them to George Santos.
  • Rogers declared that none of his opponents were capable of the job, saying “nobody can walk into the United States Senate other than me.”  

Read more about the Republicans’ “radioactive” intra-party fight: 

Michigan’s Big Show: Rogers: “I think people run for office for all the wrong reasons. Especially the legislative branch… You shouldn’t go there to be famous. And I think what happens when those folks go for the wrong reasons, they end up looking a lot more like George Santos than any statesman that you’ll see.”

CBS Detroit: Pensler: “And I think we’ve got a lot of career politicians and professional politicians who need the job and haven’t been facing the tough choices. And we’ve got a lot of problems because of that.” 

JR Morning Show: When asked about the other primary candidates and what makes him stand out, Pensler didn’t mince words: “…Professional politicians, and this is what’s happening, it’s part of our moral decline, don’t take on the tough issues because they’re afraid of losing their jobs.” 

WABC Radio: Rogers: “Nobody can walk into the United States Senate other than me, Mike Rogers…”


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