As the House of Representatives moves forward on President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, people across the country, including small business owners, union leaders, farmers, and parents, are calling on Congress to pass this once-in-a-generation investment that would create good-paying jobs, grow our economy, and make much-needed improvements to our nation’s roads and highways, bridges and transit; drinking water systems; and broadband. According to a new Morning Consult poll, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, which passed the Senate last month, remains popular with the public, and a majority of Americans believe the $1 trillion price tag for the legislation is either the right amount or too little to spend.

Here’s what people in key battleground states have been saying about the need for President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal:

In Wisconsin…

“This deal is a huge win for Wisconsin business owners and farmers and will make our country stronger, cleaner, more efficient, and more equitable. It’s time for the House of Representatives to pass President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal.” — Nancy Kavazanjian, owner of Hammer & Kavazanjian Farms

The infrastructure bill provides “the support we need to help our farms and businesses grow and be better equipped to provide for our families and communities,” — Darin Von Ruden, president of Wisconsin Farmers Union

“The fact that we’re going to be able to get people on both sides of the isle [sic] talking about repairing our roads, repairing our bridges, you know, our rail, our rural broadband finally getting something done. It’s been way too long since we’ve had a bill like this that’s going to actually do some good for our countryside.” — Patty Edelburg, vice president of National Farmers Union and Wisconsin native

In Georgia…

“When I started my small martial arts business in Atlanta more than 13 years ago, I knew I wanted to create tomorrow’s leaders. I recognized that disinvestment in one area negatively impacts another, and unfortunately, that negative impact was often felt more in underserved communities. That’s why I’m urging Congress to stop the obstructive cycle of disinvestment in infrastructure and shore up the resources needed to withstand the next economic crisis.” — Renard Beaty, small business owner

“This could go a long way to help solve some of those needs [for roads and bridges]. I think the Senate plan is about as good as we could hope for.” — David Moellering, president of the Georgia Highway Contractors Association

“We finally have a chance to repair some of the historic and present-day damage caused by exclusionary policies. We have a chance to invest in an economy that isn’t built off pollution, but clean affordable energy for all. With Pres. Biden in the White House, Senators Ossoff and Warnock, and a pro-environment majority in Congress, environmental justice for DeKalb County and all of Georgia, is possible –at the scale our communities deserve. President Biden has made it clear that he will fight to ensure the Justice40 commitment will stay in the final infrastructure bill.” — Brionté McCorkle, executive director for Georgia Conservation Voters and Alicia Scott, just energy manager at Partnership for Southern Equity

In Virginia…

“Increased demand for these and other products would mean the creation of more family-sustaining jobs across the country. Upgraded transportation networks would help speed up deliveries to customers at home and abroad, increasing America’s competitiveness. And safe water systems, new schools and upgraded broadband networks would strengthen the country and improve the quality of life for generations to come.” — Chris Stevens, president of United Steelworkers Local 8544

In Maine…

“…This legislation is a massive step in the right direction. A group of bipartisan senators worked tirelessly, amidst pressure from both parties and the White House to get this bill to the floor, and they should be applauded for doing so. The billions of dollars this bill will infuse into our communities provides a once-in-a-lifetime investment in America’s infrastructure, the benefits of which we will see for generations to come.” — Mitch DeBlois, president of DeBlois Electric

In North Carolina…

Family-owned Raleigh business Paving Professionals Inc. is now in its third year. It’s busy laying parking lots and making asphalt repairs at a number of job sites. The company stands to get even more business due to the federal infrastructure bill that passed the U.S. Senate. “It’s absolutely great. It’s going to help people get more jobs, it’s going to help everybody grow and get back busy again,” — Michael Stephenson, co-owner of Paving Professionals Inc. 

“It will put pipe-fitters, iron workers, electricians, carpenters and so many others to work, making our communities safer while also mitigating the effects of climate change. Our message this Labor Day is that we need Congress to pass this bipartisan infrastructure deal and help working Americans.” — North Carolina AFL-CIO President, MaryBe McMillan

In Pennsylvania…

“To properly address these challenges, we need investment. Luckily, there is an opportunity right now for federal action to help us make these investments in the basic systems that support our families and communities to build back better. Building back better is America’s path toward a clean, thriving, and equitable future. We need a recovery for America, by America, that addresses the intersecting crises of climate change, income inequality, and racial injustice while creating high-quality, good-paying jobs and delivering a more equitable and cleaner economy.” — Rob Bair, Business Manager, IBEW Local 143, Jacquelyn Bonomo, President & CEO, PennFuture

“This is a deal American workers can be proud of. President Biden came into office promising to find common ground to improve the lives of everyday hardworking Americans, and he’s delivering on that promise. This bipartisan infrastructure deal represents a massive step forward to that goal. Now, it is time for both sides of the aisle to get behind this plan and move America forward.” — Rick Bloomingdale, president of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO

“Philip Ameris, the president of the Western Pennsylvania District of Laborers Council says passing the bill would be nothing but beneficial for everybody. ‘When construction is going on, everybody’s working. […] It’s just a mushroom effect of what happens when construction work happens.’ Ameris says not to mention adding jobs in the much-needed highway, water and sewage plant improvements.” — Philip Ameris, the president of the Western Pennsylvania District of Laborers Council 

“What we’re seeing right now creates a once-in-a-generation opportunity — very similar to building interstate highways or electrifying the country. But we need a significant amount of funding to deliver the kind of broadband that these areas need in a time frame that makes a difference.” — David Gibbons, owner of Centre WISP

“Residents of Westmoreland County deserve swift approval of the infrastructure bills. Build Back Better will provide good-paying union jobs to spur our local economies, benefit small business owners and increase local tax revenues. The Senate has a $1.2 trillion bipartisan deal that will invest in roads, bridges, transit and broadband. We need to encourage our senators to vote in favor of this deal, as that is the wish of the vast majority of their constituents.” — Diana Gray, resident of North Huntingdon

“‘In Pennsylvania, there are more than 3,300 bridges and over 7,540 miles of highway in poor condition,’ [Times Leader’s Bill] O’Boyle writes. It’s something we can see right here in our area, with the iconic Firefighter’s Memorial Bridge that links Pittston and West Pittston being closed just recently due to structural concerns. Pennsylvania can expect to see $2.8 billion in spending to improve public transportation, an undeniable boon for both laborers and families, especially underprivileged ones in our state’s urban communities, who may have few other options to travel to work.” — The Times Leader Editorial Board

In Arizona…

“The infrastructure bill will address broadband affordability head on with $14 billion in federal funding for a game-changing program called the Affordability Connectivity Benefit (ACB) that will provide qualifying households with a $30 per month benefit that goes toward their internet bills.

“In Arizona that would mean that 1,756,000 people, or 24% of Arizona residents, would be eligible for the $30 monthly benefit. We know this program will help people because it extends an already successful program from the pandemic relief that brought over 4.5 million households online.” — Sadie Shaw, Artist, Organizer, and TUSD Governing Board Member

“People have been dreaming of this for years, decades even. We’ve seen lengthy environmental impact studies and intimidating cost estimates in the billions. Could it really be as simple now as passing an infrastructure bill? The mayors of 11 cities sent a letter to Arizona’s members of Congress on Tuesday asking them to vote for an infrastructure bill that includes funding for expanding Amtrak passenger rail service around the country, potentially setting up new service between Tucson and Phoenix with additional service to Los Angeles.” — Tim Steller, opinion columnist 


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