LANSING — Mike Rogers is taking heat for “sell[ing] his soul” as he touts his endorsement from former Trump administration official Kash Patel, who wants to “prosecute” journalists for “crimes” and promotes dangerous pills “that claim to reverse the effects of the Covid vaccines.” 

Here’s what you need to know:

See for yourself:

Mediaite: Trump National Security Official Kash Patel Is Touting Pills to ‘Reverse’ the Covid Vaccine And ‘Get Healthy’

  • Kash Patel… is hawking pills that claim to reverse the effects of the Covid vaccines.
  • In a Truth Social post over the weekend, Patel linked to a website owned by a company called “Warrior Essentials.”
  • Patel captioned his post, “Mrna detox, reverse the vaxx n get healthy with @warrioressentials,” and tacked on a promotional graphic touting Warrior Essentials’ “Spike Protein Recovery System.”
  • “You were immune to the propaganda, but are you immune to the shedders,” reads the graphic. The system is comprised of three separate pill types that the company insists removes “toxins” from your cells, repairs “circulatory health,” and finally, restores “immunity and DNA stability.”
  • Vaccine shedding is considered a myth by most medical practitioners.
  • The link so generously provided by Patel offers potential buyers a bottle of all three pill types for just under $90 a month.


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