Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, known for having an opinion on everything, has somehow lost his tongue when it comes to the case of a 16-year-old girl in Florida who, thanks to a law signed by DeSantis, is being forced to give birth. 

Due to a law signed by DeSantis in June 2020, the teenage girl — who is unable to get parental consent because she lives with a relative — was blocked by a court from making her own health care decisions. 

POLITICO: “Gov. Ron DeSantis in 2020 signed into law a measure that made parental consent for an abortion a requirement for minors. The new law was a win for Republicans…”

As DeSantis stumps for anti-choice extremists like J.D. Vance in Ohio and Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania, he has yet to answer for the tragic case of a 16-year-old Florida girl who, thanks to his policies, will be forced to give birth.

NBC News“A pregnant and parentless 16-year-old in Florida may be forced to give birth after an appeals court ruled she was not ‘sufficiently mature to decide whether to terminate her pregnancy.’”

Despite the public outcry over this disturbing story, DeSantis has been completely silent for weeks (55 days to be exact) on his extreme, anti-choice views.

July 26:

August 5:

August 17:

Let’s be clear: DeSantis is hiding because he knows his agenda is too extreme. Floridians deserve better.

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