MDP: Mounting evidence of horrific violence against unarmed Ukrainian civilians should prompt Michigan Republicans to finally condemn Trump’s praise for the Russian President 

LANSING – Weeks have passed since former President Donald Trump used words like “genius” and “savvy” to describe Russian President Vladimir Putin’s devastating attack on Ukraine and now the global community is getting a look at the heart-wrenching atrocities left in the wake of the Russian retreat. 

Seeing images of dead civilians, some of whom have been burned or brutally tortured, make it incompressible that Michigan Republicans have not publicly denounced Trump’s glowing words about Putin and his savage attack on a sovereign European nation.

“Each day we’re faced with more heartbreaking scenes from the war in Ukraine, which makes it even harder to comprehend why GOP candidates and lawmakers in Michigan refuse to speak out against Trump’s shameful rhetoric,” said Lavora Barnes, chair of the Michigan Democratic Party. “If Republicans aren’t standing up now to support democracy – even when faced with the horrific images of slaughtered men, women and children – by an authoritarian regime, when will they? We demand Republican elected officials and leaders immediately denounce former President Trump for giving comfort to America’s enemies and coddling a dictator who is slaughtering innocent men, women and children.” 


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