It’s only been up for a brief time, but the Republican National Committee’s response video is facing widespread ridicule for just how remarkably bad it is. In incredibly telling fashion, the RNC had to *make up* images because, quite simply, they can’t argue with President Biden’s results.

Read what folks are saying:

  • Shane Goldmacher: The unusual party of this video is that it’s based on hypothetical “what ifs” — rather than what has already happened in term one.
  • Josh Marshall: Seems quite fitting that the RNC Biden response video is literally made out of fake images created by computers
  • Tim Miller: Going with imaginary images seems like a strange choice especially when the DNC doesn’t need AI to show people storming the Capitol.
  • Ursula Perano: Starting with “what ifs” v. “what is” seems like pretty unusual messaging
  • Bill Scher: Very weird choice to go after an incumbent with fictional depictions of the future instead of problems in the present
  • Matthew Yglesias: I feel like if you have to use fake imagines of hypothetical future bad things that might happen if the *incumbent president* stays in office, that itself tells you something.
  • Dan Pfeiffer: The RNC’s response to the Biden announcement suggests that they still haven’t figured out an argument against Biden that makes sense to anyone outside of the MAGA media bubble.
  • Ben Wickler: Biden’s campaign launch starts with actual dystopic footage of the final days of Trump and then shows actual great moment’s of Biden’s presidency. The GOP don’t want anyone thinking about how much has been achieved… so they had AI make their attacks up. 🤦‍♂️

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