DEARBORN, M.I. — Today, President Joe Biden traveled to Michigan to visit the Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center, where he discussed the Biden-Harris administration’s transformational American Jobs Plan and saw firsthand how union workers are building the future of electric vehicles right here in Michigan.

Meeting with Ford’s leadership and United Autoworker (UAW) members to tour a factory floor that manufactures EVs, President Biden highlighted how the legislative package would create millions of well-paying jobs and revitalize Michigan’s manufacturing industry.

“It’s jobs, jobs, union jobs,” said President Biden when talking about the American Jobs Plan with UAW workers on today’s tour. “I’m a union president. Make no bones about it.”

“Make no mistake: Joe Biden is a union president,” MDP Chair Lavora Barnes said following today’s event. “President Biden knows that when unions are strong, workers are strong—and when workers are strong, our economy and our country are strong. Today’s event showcased how the American Jobs Plan will deliver well-paying union jobs for Michiganders, help us build the cars of tomorrow, and tackle the climate crisis.”

The plan — which is supported by more than 3-in-5 voters — includes major investmentsin key Michigan infrastructure like the production of electric vehicles while advancing racial equity and environmental justice in communities historically left behind and investing in a new, green economy.

In Michigan and across the country, American Jobs Plan will revolutionize electric vehicle manufacturing by:

  • Enabling automakers to spur domestic supply chains from raw materials to parts, retool factories to compete globally, and support American workers to make batteries and EVs
  • Making EVs more affordable and accessible, giving consumers point of sale rebates and tax incentives to buy American-made EVs, while ensuring that these vehicles are affordable for all families and manufactured by workers with good jobs
  • Building a national network of 500,000 EV chargers by 2030 while replacing 50,000 dirty diesel transit vehicles


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