Yesterday, Republican lawmakers descended further into extremism as they willingly invited known conspiracy theorist Naomi Wolf to testify on vaccines in a state House Oversight Committee hearing

A prominent anti-vaxxer, Wolf went full Qanon, baselessly alleging that “vaccine applications on cellphones are tracking people” and likening public safety strategies employed by New York and Israel to “population separation efforts in Nazi Germany.

The views Wolf shared in her testimony was just a small taste of the nonsense she’s been spewing for several years. It’s evident she’s never met an outlandish vaccine/pandemic theory she didn’t like including:

And minutes ago, she tweeted that Michigan has initiated a “vaccine passport” system, despite Governor Whitmer’s office already confirming that such a program isn’t being considered. Throughout the lengthy hearing, not once did the House Republicans that invited Wolf ask her to provide any proof that could support the claims she was making.

“Inviting a known conspiracy theorist to the legislature to spread lies is just the latest way Michigan Republicans have pushed misinformation and ignored the science throughout this entire pandemic. This is the same committee that welcomed Rudy Guiliani last year to spread COVID-19,” said Rodericka Applewhaite, MDP spokesperson. “They are entirely out of touch and will abet whomever they choose without regard to the unhinged views they hold as long as it achieves their goal of ultimate obstruction at all costs. Gov. Whitmer has consistently exhibited leadership in the face of these partisan games and will continue to do so regardless of which extremist they give a platform to next.”

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