DNC staff set to join the fastest growing union in the greater Washington, D.C. area.
WASHINGTON, D.C., August 3, 2021 —  Employees at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) will likely soon join as members of SEIU Local 500, the fastest growing union in greater Washington, D.C. and a local that already represents employees of several progressive non-profits in the District.

DNC staff see unionizing as not just an act of principle, but a reaffirmation of solidarity among workers and the key role of unions in building the middle class. While unionization efforts often stem from workplace disputes, that is not the case at the DNC. Staff and management in fact agree that unionizing the workplace is a real-life adoption of Democrats’ shared values and are taking the final steps to voluntarily recognize SEIU Local 500. 

“The DNC has the ability to be a powerful agent of positive change for working Americans,” said DNC Sustaining Donor Manager Christen Sparago. “We organized because we believe when workers are strong, America is strong — and this is an opportunity for the DNC to live its values. This is an important step that will best serve the interests of the Democratic party and DNC staff, especially our BIPOC staff, LGBTQ+ staff, staff living with disabilities and chronic illnesses, staff with children, and cycle hires. We are eager to begin negotiations, and we hope this will offer our staff the support we need to fight hard and continue electing Democrats up and down the ballot in 2022 and beyond.”

“My Grandmother came to this country 50 years ago as an immigrant and for 30 years was a teacher’s aide and a proud union member,” said Video Research Associate Thaha Sherwani. “I’ve seen firsthand how valuable unions are and I know that my colleagues share the conviction that unions are a positive force for our country and our workforce. We’re excited to move forward.”

“The DNC’s employees are smart, diverse, resilient and inspirational, and I am honored to lead this team in our critical work to elect Democrats,” DNC Executive Director Sam Cornale said. “As the DNC told SEIU, if a majority of D.N.C. employees in a mutually agreed-upon bargaining unit express their desire to form a union, we will be proud to voluntarily recognize that union.”

“Democrats strongly believe in the positive value of unions and respect the rights of employees to have a union wherever a majority of the workforce wants one, including at the DNC,” said DNC Chair Jaime Harrison.

For additional information, please contact Lucas Acosta at press.dncunion@gmail.com or at 347-834-5063 or Adrienne Watson at dncpress@dnc.org.