LANSING — It’s Friday, so welcome to another installment of the inexplicably still “slow to mature” Republican primary for governor. Here’s what happened this week:

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. That certainly seems to be the case for MIGOP co-chairs Ron “assassination” Weiser and secessionist Meshawn Maddock, who continue to ask “dream candidate” Candice Miller if she’ll add her name to the Republican gubernatorial ticket in any capacity, this time alongside newly retired James Craig as his lieutenant governor. She said no. Again.

This is a vote of no confidence in James Craig’s ability to energize the Republican base on his own. Makes sense. He still refuses to establish where he stands on the basics, like whether or not Trump legitimately lost the election.

The recruitment failures continued as MIRS reported former Congressman and Trump’s ambassador to the Netherlands Pete Hoekstra would also not be launching a campaign for governor, but not before taking a swipe at the fact that Craig has been a walking blank slate so far saying that he “still has to prove himself.”

Meanwhile nickel thief and two-time statewide loser John James, still continues to bounce around the 2022 rumor mill, with National Journal reporting that rather than losing another race at the top of the ticket, James may be considering a run for Congress instead.

All signs indicate that John James remaining absent from the gubernatorial primary is exactly what establishment Michigan Republicans want. Earlier this week, they leaked a fluff poll to plagiarist and accused defamer Charlie LeDuff showing that compared to James Craig, John James would be the weaker candidate in a head-to-head match up with Governor Whitmer next November. That Ron Weiser and Meshawn Maddock are committed to coronating Craig sight unseen on major issues of importance like the Big Lie and whether he wants Trump’s support details just how debilitating the MIGOP’s repeated recruitment failures have been as the field is currently nothing but insurrectionists and anti-vaxxers.

Speaking of anti-vaxxers, extremist and gubernatorial candidate Garrett Soldano expressed his outrage at the “fake poll to sway an election,” calling it a “hot garbage” attempt from the MIGOP to “prop up one of their preferred candidates.” 

Party leadership is certainly swarming around James Craig. Despite not formally joining the race yet, the newly retired police chief has kicked off a consultant game of thrones of sorts in which John Yob, favored consultant of party insiders and previous clients MIGOP co-chair Ron Weiser and former Governor Rick Snyder, is in one corner facing off against former MIGOP chair Bobby Schostak, former Governor John Engler’s top pick to lead the Craig campaign. We’ll see who wins.

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