Americans pay the highest prescription drug prices of any developed nation in the world. Instead of getting the care they need, millions of families go without because of cripplingly high prices. While President Biden and Democrats have a plan to lower the costs of prescription drugs, Republicans don’t and have once again shown they only want to stand in the way.

President Biden’s Build Back Better Act would lower prescription drug prices and ensure that Americans are able to get the care they need without fear of the price tag. 

ABC News: “Biden touts provisions to lower cost of prescription drugs in Build Back Better Act”

The Hill: “Biden points to drug prices in call for Senate social spending vote”

CNN: “‘There aren’t a lot of things that almost every American can agree on, but I think it’s safe to say that all of us … can agree that prescription drugs are outrageously expensive in this country,’ Biden said during a speech in the East Room of the White House. ‘It doesn’t need to be that way. Under my Build Back Better bill, which has passed the House of Representatives, it won’t be the same way.’”

Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers have made clear they oppose lowering prescription drug prices. Not a single House Republican voted for the Build Back Better Act, and Mitch McConnell said he wants to “kill” the bill. 

Doug Andres (McConnell Spox): “McConnell on BBB: ‘Kill this bill…that would be the single best Christmas gift for the American people.’”

New York Times: “The House of Representatives approved a sprawling social spending and climate bill on Friday, with all but one Democrat and no Republicans voting in favor.”


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