LANSING — The “crowded” and “unruly” Michigan GOP Senate Showdown has been crowned an “Amash pit.” The infighting between Mike Rogers, Peter Meijer, Sandy Pensler, and Justin Amash is getting even more brutal as the candidates “jump at the chance… to bash” each other. 

Here’s the latest on the Michigan Republicans’ “bloodbath” primary: 

  • Amash bashed “Deep State” Rogers for supporting the Patriot Act.
  • *Crickets.* Rogers refuses to protect IVF in the Senate and won’t answer for his past anti-IVF votes.
  • No comment… Meijer refuses to say he would not sponsor an anti-IVF bill again in the Senate.

See for yourself: 

Detroit News: “[Rogers] did not commit to supporting legislation to protect it at the federal level… Asked about how the fetal personhood bills he sponsored in Congress squared with his support for IVF, Rogers refused to discuss the legislation… [Meijer] did not say whether he’d sponsor the Life at Conception Act again if elected to the Senate.”

Michigan Advance: ‘Republicans have put the rights of a fertilized egg over the rights of the woman’ 

  • The U.S. Senate debate crystallized how statements by GOP legislators about IVF and what they are willing to do to keep it available are often in conflict.
  • But because Rogers is one of only three who has already served in Congress, he has a voting record that can be compared to his statement.
  • And that is exactly what many X users did, prompting a Community Note on the post.
  • “In his 14 years in Congress Mike Rogers sponsored 4 bills that would have the same effect as the Alabama Supreme Court’s IVF ruling,” stated the note, which then linked to each of those four bills from 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2013, each of which would provide legal personhood from the moment of conception.

American Journal News: Michigan GOP senate candidate Justin Amash voted to restrict IVF

  • …A review of [Amash’s] record shows a litany of anti-abortion votes that are in-lock step with the most extreme members of his party.
  • In 2009, when Amash was serving in the Michigan House of Representatives, he co-sponsored legislation to strictly regulate in vitro fertilization.
  • In congress, Amash received an A+ rating from the Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America group, which scores lawmakers on how anti-abortion they are.

Local Live: Amash: “Well, I’m looking at the Republican primary because the candidates that are currently in the race just don’t cut it. I mean, when you talk about the kind of people Republican voters want to be in Congress to represent them, who will rein in government, who protect people’s individual rights, you just don’t have that in this field. And I was kind of terrified about the prospects of ending up with one of these people as my senator…”

Michigan’s Big Show: Michael Patrick Shiels: “Speaking of talking, Donald Trump, I get people that say, ‘Well, he wants to be a dictator.’ And then he told Russia that they could roll right over the NATO countries… I mean, what do you think? Those were two very sensitive topics to joke about.” … Rogers: “…And I think that’s Donald Trump’s way of bringing attention. I truly don’t believe he meant he wanted Russia to go in. I think he does it, that’s his style of being funny.”

NOTUS: “In Michigan, Rogers, former congressman for Michigan’s 8th District, is the GOP front-runner. He retired from the House in 2015, moved into a $1.8 million house in Florida for which he received a $50,000 homestead tax exemption in 2023, and then bought a one-bedroom $295,000 house in Michigan two months before he announced his candidacy.” 

JR Afternoon: Rogers: “What party is [Amash] running for? … I don’t think he has a chance.”


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