As Democrats are on the cusp of delivering historic legislation to lower costs, reduce the deficit, and tackle inflation, Republicans are sending out bad spin and trying to distract from Senate Republicans’ unanimous opposition. In case there was any confusion: The Republican Party has no plans to bring down costs and is completely out of step with the American people. 

While Democrats remain laser-focused on bringing down prices, Republicans are the ones detached from reality. Let’s take a look how:

The Senate GOP chose to side with Big Pharma over the American people. That’s right — every single Senate Republican voted against the Inflation Reduction Act to lower costs and Republicans also blocked legislation that would cap out-of-pocket insulin costs for Americans with private insurance at $35 per month. 

Washington Post: “Republican lawmakers… stripped a $35 price cap on the cost of insulin for many patients from the [Inflation Reduction Act]… invoking arcane Senate rules to jettison the measure.”

New York Times: “Senate Passes Climate, Health and Tax Bill, With All Republicans Opposed”

Congressional Republicans have also hatched a wildly unpopular plan to gut Social Security and Medicare. Florida Senator Rick Scott, the man in charge of electing Republicans to the Senate, has doubled and tripled down on his plan to end the Social Security and Medicare guarantee if given the opportunity. 

Washington Post: “The Republican Study Committee sets out to balance the federal budget through spending cuts alone and keep it balanced well into the future… The proposal’s most notable features are its changes to the major entitlement programs most Americans rely on in old age. The age at which one receives full Social Security benefits would go up to 69 by 2030, from a planned rise to 67 in 2022. Medicare’s eligibility age would rise from 65 to 69.”

Washington Post Opinion: “Scott’s plan would also sunset — eliminate — all federal legislation over five years, under the (risky) assumption that worthy laws would be reenacted. That could mean an end to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, everything else mentioned above — and potentially more.”

This isn’t a one-off exception: Just last week, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson voiced his support for eliminating Social Security and Medicare as federal entitlement programs.

Washington Post: “Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) has suggested that Social Security and Medicare be eliminated as federal entitlement programs, and that they should instead become programs approved by Congress on an annual basis as discretionary spending.”

Up North News: “Ron Johnson Thinks a GOP Plan for Tax Increases and the Potential End of Medicare and Social Security Is a ‘Positive Thing’”

As if that weren’t enough, some Republicans have thrown their full support behind draconian abortion bans in their states and gone on the record saying that they would force 10-year-old rape victims to carry their pregnancies to term. 

CNN: “South Dakota governor defends state’s abortion ‘trigger’ ban when asked if 10-year-old should be forced to give birth”

Let’s be clear: Today’s GOP has no plans to lower costs and is wildly out of touch. The American people simply cannot afford this backward agenda. 

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