The special counsel’s “extremely gratuitous, unnecessary … political pot-shot” against the president is being widely condemned. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Congressman Dan Goldman blasted the “bad faith” political cheap shots in the special counsel’s report that concluded that President Biden and his team did the right thing – something that can’t be said about Donald Trump.

Joe Scarborough on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”

Scarborough: “It certainly seemed like a politically charged document. … He didn’t have any evidence. … The one thing that he did right, he talked about the distinctions between Donald Trump.”

Scarborough: “Do you think  … [the special counsel] didn’t know, by putting words in, that Donald Trump would love for him to put in there? … He’s a Trumper who knew.”

Scarborough: “A neurologist from Trump university … so bizarre. … People immediately heard these random conclusions, irrelevant conclusions, politically charged, Trump-like ramblings. [They wondered] why in the world would he put that in the report?”

Mediaite: “Morning Joe Crew LIVID With ‘Garbage’ Special Counsel Report from ‘Trumper’ Robert Hur”

Representative Dan Goldman on CNN’s “CNN This Morning”

Rep. Goldman: “This was extremely gratuitous, unnecessary, and it was just a political pot-shot in the middle of an election year. … This [Special Counsel] who was appointed by Donald Trump wanted to make sure that he got his licks in.”

Rep. Goldman: “[Hur] wanted to deflect from his ultimate decision and I think that’s why this report is misguided both in its conclusion and its excessive editorializing.”

Rep. Goldman: “I spoke to him on October 7 when I was in Israel a couple hours after the Hamas attack and that was the day before this interview began and he demonstrated an unbelievable mastery of this entire region. He had already reached out to a number of different leaders. He understood all of the vortexes and all of the issues and tension points. This is someone whose age has a tremendous benefit and his experience and his understanding and his knowledge of foreign policy going back many many years and that has been to our benefit in Ukraine.”

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